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With the rapid development of economy and the change of people's living and eating habits, the production, supply and sales of dairy products show a rapid growth trend, and the market competition is increasingly fierce. The filtration and separation, degreasing, concentration, sterilization and other processes of dairy products should meet the dual requirements of product safety and maintaining nutritional value.
Hangzhou Dali has more than 20 years of experience in development and manufacturing and excellent technical service team to help customers cope with the consumption upgrade and product structure adjustment of dairy products.

In 2008, China's dairy industry experienced the havoc caused by the melamine incident, which made the industry feel bitter and ushered in a vigorous reform. Today, a modern food manufacturing industry with the world's advanced level is unfolding in front of the world. China's raw milk, fresh milk quality and technical equipment of dairy processing enterprises have reached the world's advanced level.
Milk is a paradise for microbial activity. The advanced filtration equipment and technology plays an indispensable role in the equipment upgrade, product quality stability and variety updating of the dairy industry.