Gas Filter Housing

D Series - Gas Filter Housings are suitable for removal of particulate from gas streams. When used with appropriate sterilizing-grade filter cartridges, the combination can be used in high-purity sterile gas filtration.

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Single-Round Sanitary Liquid Filter Housings are designed to meet requirements for sanitary construction with smooth crevice-free welding and TC-type sanitary connections. Easy to clean and disassemble. Suitable for low flow rate applications with low-to-medium pressure conditions. This design is widely used in pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and food/beverage industries.



  • Ultra-fine polishing: Internal: Ra≤0.3μm External: Ra≤ 0.4μm
  • Accepts 226-style cartridges with locking tabs to assure  safe and secure sealing performance.
  • The Tri-Clamp body connection allows easy servicing and cartridge change-out.
  • With the properly-selected filter cartridge, it can be used in applications including: high-purity, high-temperature, aseptic, fermentation, among others.


  • Pharmaceuticals: gas sterilization and air/gas filtration in the production of biological products
  • Food and beverage: gas sterilization and air/gas filtration in the production of food, beverages, and fermented products
  • Chemical industry: filtration of industrial gases such as coal gas, hydrogen, nitrogen, and natural gas, among others
  • Laboratory: environmental air filtration


Surface Finish

Finish Processing Options

Passivated Electropolished Mech. Polished 

Polish Quality

Internal: Ra ≤ 0.3μm
External: Ra ≤ 0.4μm



Shell Options 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
Vent Valve 304,316L
Tri-clamp 304
Stabilizer Blade 304
Seal Material Silicone、FKM、EPDM


Operating Conditions

Design Pressure Options

0.6MPa (90psi)

1.0MPa (150psi)

Max. Operating Temperature 150℃(302°F)



Shell Connection Tri-clamp or Flange
nlet & Outlet Tri-clamp or Flange
Gauge Port G 1/4"




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