SAA Series - PS Pleated Filter Cartridge

SAA Series PS Filter Cartridge is constructed of highly asymmetric hydrophilic Polysulfone membrane and polypropylene components. The unique PS membrane delivers high flow rate,long life time and excellent particle removal effciency. All the cartridges ar

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SAA Series PS Filter Cartridges are constructed of highly asymmet-ric hydrophilic polysulfone membranes and polypropylene compo-nents. The unique PS membrane delivers a high flow rate, long life time, and excellent particle removal efficiency. All the cartridges are made in a controlled clean room environment. The cartridges are ideally suitable for filtration of water-based fluids. 



  • Highly asymmetric polysulfone membrane provides excellent dirt holding capacity and flow characteristics 
  • Hydrophilic polysulfone membrane eliminates the need for prewetting and flushing 
  • Asymmetric membrane structure provides high flow rates with lower differential pressure and a longer life time
  • Widely compatible with cleaning applications in many processes such as developing, etching, and stripping


  • General-Use water Filtration
  • Deionized water systems
  • Liquid clarification
  • Chemical filtration
  • Ulta-Pure water systems


Outer Diameter 69mm(2.72")
Length 5”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
Material of Constructions
Media Highly Asymmetric Hydrophilic PS Membrane
Support PP
Cage/Core/End cap  PP
Seal Material Options EPDM, FKM, E-FKM, Silicone, NBR
Operating Conditions
Max. Operating Temperature 80℃(176℉)
Max. Operating DP 4 bar(58psi)@20℃(68℉),2 bar (29 psi)@80℃(176℉)
Sterilization Hot water 100cycles 20 minutes  at 85-90℃
Filtration Area 0.65 m² per 10” Filter



  • Manufacturered in a clean room environment
  • Manufacturered according to ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management System
  • 100% integrity tested


Food Contact Compliance

  • Materials of construction comply with FDA regulations for food and beverage contact use as detailed in the US Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR.
  • Passed European Commission Directives (EU10/2011)
  • Halal Certified


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